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Do some Norwegian women consider their Black men worthless?

Posted by African Press International on November 10, 2006

We raise this question due to a response by >Biloxyman< to our story titled   ” Some black men abuse their Norwegian women”

In the response here-below, Biloxyman is of the opinion that Norwegian women consider their black men to be worthless beings!


One Response to “Some black men abuse their Norwegian women!”

  1. biloxyman Says:
    November 8th, 2006 at 2:46 pm e
    yeah, yeah…There is men discrimination and READ: Not black man but, MAN!! in Norway. I see it every where. These women especially those on maternity leave( svangerskap permisjon), would wait at home nagging how a man is worthless at ‘home’ yet he is out there slaving to make the ends meet. Once the woman is ‘free’ from the maternity leave, most women i know in this country believe it is not a natural right to have and raise children but a job!! (All in the name of liberation) she hurries back to her job, and starts having affairs with her male colleagues..little does the poor chap know that her better half is busy dishing out instead of taking care of her family, sooner or later, they are divorced not only the kids will suffer but the laws in this country have it such that, the woman has the upper hand controlling the guy economically because of the deviation of the laws in this country, in that regard. If you don’t believe me, look at the digits on marital breakups.


We appreciate Biloxyman’s sentiments due to the fact that the issue raised is very relevant within the African community in Norway.

Many African men are not used to women who direct them on anything. They will immediately consider such action as being pushed around.

While in Norway, however, they realise that they have no choice but to abide by the rules of the land, the rules that protect the woman’s right to decide in most cases in the home and on things like money and children.

Bloxyman raises the question of nagging by the women and the name-calling, stating that some women consider their men worthless, even if such men are hard-working to make ends meet economically.

The reality of the matter is that women consider themselves economically independent in Norway, and this becomes a big shock to an African man who is used to decide on the economy. 

Marrying a Norwegian woman for some African men is dream come true, but soon after marriage and the honeymoon period, the joyride is substituted by misery and a feeling of being worthless and powerless in the home, with limited right to take decisions on anything important. Here, the man may become depressed and feels as a slave in the home.

Many women will demand that the man is home around her most of the time as is the culture of the land. This causes headache for many African men who will immediately feel being locked up in the house by the woman.

Let the baby arrive and he is asked to take the responsibility to change the baby’s nappies, and take the child in the wagon around town and sometimes to the parks.

A hard nut to crack for many men and such men will immediately protest claiming their “kingship”  is being infringed in the home. A disagreement will arise and before realising what is happening, the women will have contacted a lawyer and filed for divorce.

This will lead the men to loose the rights to the child and become homeless.

On seeing their African friends thrown out by their women, others will choose to become “actors” obeying the women in every direction, but in reality they are on standby waiting for their permanent residence permits that normally takes 3 years to acquire.

Is Bloxyman asking for policy change by the authorities to enable those  suffering African men to get their rights?

By Korir, African Press in Norway


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