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Kenya: The electoral body has accepted Biwott as Kanu Chief!

Posted by African Press International on December 6, 2006

Mr Nicholas Kipyator Arap Biwott, “the man they call the “Total Man” has managed what many did not think he could. The electoral Commission of Kenya has registered him in their records as the KANU chairman, succeeding Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta. Biwott is the Keiyo South Member of Parliament.

The ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu, has communicated their decision to Mr Kenyatta telling him that they are acting on information from the Registrar of Societies.

Gatundu Member of Parliament Mr Kenyatta, received the letter on Monday which was written by the electoral body last Friday.

In the letter, “Mr Kivuitu said: “Previous records in our possession had you as the Kanu chairman, which is not the case according to these documents. We have received the letter with an annexure whose copies are enclosed herewith.”

He made it clear to Uhuru that the commission will now deal with Biwott and nobody else on matters to do with Kanu. The electoral body’s letter reads in part, “Electoral Commission of Kenya acts on information from the assistant registrar of societies with regard to the leadership of political parties.”

This now seals Uhuru’s fate as Kanu leader. He was hoping that yesterday’s rally, which was tear-gassed by police dispersing rally attendees, would help him in his struggle to regain Kanu Chairmaship.

It now seems it is the end of the road for  the “vocal” William Arap Ruto when had started a journey to the top using Kanu as a ladder.

Former President Daniel Arap Moi helped Ruto from nowhere to the top in Kanu, but the later abused his mentor. He was blessed by some elders in Nandi as Kalenjin elder some months back, a blessing that made Moi very angry.

By-election soon to replace Uhuru and his faction? 

Kanu under Biwott ,might now demand that the Members of Parliament who were removed as Kanu officials declare their loyalty to Kanu and Biwott’s leadership. Failure to do so, might amount to expulsion and a by-election that may see Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, William Arap Ruto, Henry Arap Koskey and others allied to ODM, out of Parliament.

By Henry Chepkwony (California, USA), for African Press in Norway, APN.

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