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Blacks as the Original race!

Posted by African Press International on December 7, 2006

Late 20th century: Blacks as the original race.
One version> Be proud. If black be more proud! I have always said we may have been a little slow in the last 100-200yrs but it was because we had it all!


“Charles Darwin was perhaps the first to publicly speculate that Africa was the cradle of human kind. Because apes are very similar to humans and live in Africa, he believed that this was probably where humans evolved. However biblical views were still dominant at the start of the enlightenment. Blumenbach believed that humans were originally white, having populated the world after the Biblical flood from Mount Ararat (at the modern Turkey/Iran border).[2]

In the post-Darwin era, Carleton Coon postulated in his Multiregional hypothesis that people living in different regions of the world evolved into anatomically modern humans (AMH) independently. He hypothesised that Caucasoids evolved before other human populations (and were therefore the most advanced AMH). In this hypothesis Caucasoid people would be seen as the first AMHs.

Forensic reconstruction of an African skeleton dated at 160,000 years ago, these are the oldest Homo sapiens remains ever discoveredRecent evidence has made the Multiregional hypothesis increasingly obsolete, the dominant modern hypothesis is the Recent single-origin hypothesis which postulates that all modern humans are descended from a small African population that existed about 200,000 years ago, in this model all humans fully evolved into Homo sapiens recently, and represent a very recent and genetically similar species. In this model the first AMHs may well have been black people because they likely evolved in the same African environment that produced the black race as we know it today. Be that as it may, by definition all modern humans are equally related to original AMHs.[24] The academic Steve Olson argues that since all modern humans lived in Africa until 60,000 years ago, there simply hasn’t been enough time for important genetic differences to evolve, and that all living races are exceedingly similar.[25] “We’re all Africans under the skin” says geneticist Spencer Wells[26]

Whereas Coon claimed that Caucasoid people were more “advanced” because they evolved first, the psychologist J. Phillipe Rushton has argued the opposite, that because African people were the first people, they are superior in “primitive traits”, like size of genitalia, salience of muscles and buttocks, and reproductive output. On the other hand other human populations are superior in more “advanced traits”, like brain size and social organization. He theorises that people from East Asia evolved most recently in a challenging ice age environment and are therefore the “most advanced”.[27] While there is little modern scientific evidence to support Coon’s evolutionary ideas, Rushton’s ideas are not seen as scientifically valid by many biologists, geneticists or anthropologists. (see Race, Evolution and Behavior) Geneticist David Suzuki challenged Rushton’s views during a live televised debate saying:

I do not believe that we should dignify this man and his ideas in public debate. His claims must be denounced, his methodology discredited, his grant revoked and his position terminated at this university. This is not science.[28]

Nathan Hare suggests the following anthem:

“I, the Black Man, am the original man, the first man to walk this vast and imponderable earth. I, the black man, am an African, the exotic, single, quintesence of a universal blackness…the first truly human being the world has ever known.”[16]

Some scientists speculate that black people lost their dark skin colour because the selective pressure in temperate regions was for subcutaneous vitamin D production rather than protection from strong sunlight. Consumers of primarily vegetarian diets found insufficient dietary sources of vitamin D in Northern climates, which were therefore unavailable for colonization until a mutation developed that limited skin pigmentation and thereby promoted vitamin D synthesis.[29]

Interpreting such findings, in 1993, black nationalists stated “white people are genetic mutations of black people. Only black women can claim all the genetic material necessary to create other races”Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam echoes such themes: “The original man, Allah, is none other than the black man. The black man is the first and last, maker and owner of the universe. From him came all brown, yellow, red, and white people.



By Ira Ndunda, African Press in Norway, APN.

2 Responses to “Blacks as the Original race!”

  1. Brother Richard X said

    This article was absolutely phenomonal!!!


  2. blah blah said

    This is too arrogant. It blows my mind! This is no less arrogant to claim than when white people in the 50’s were recorded by video camera, stating that they were the superior to black people!


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