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Mistreatment of African women in Norway uncovered by APN!

Posted by African Press International on December 15, 2006

After we brought the story of one Kenyan woman, who says she is in bondage, the story under the title: I have a new African boyfriend,”says Kenyan woman married to a Norwegian man,” our email has almost jammed with messages of good will.

The story has made women to be enthusiastic and they now want to be heard. “The Society for Protection of African Women in Norway” has now been formed by a group of women who would like to be anonymous in the beginning of their work fighting for the African women’s rights in the country. 

They have four agendas:

  1. The African women says no more silence under abuse by men, because of fear for deportation after separation, before the 3 year period immigration rule, or due to any other reasons causing the women to leave the matrimonial home.
  2. The African women who want to learn Norwegian language ,or seek employment outside the home, must not be refused to do so by their men.
  3. The African women should work with the authorities they ensure that violence in the home must stop.
  4. The African women, in case of need to have a nursery school for the child or children, or/ and employment, should be assisted by the authorities to achieve the goal.

Women may join the Society anonymously, by getting an hotmail, and can use a name that does not make people know who she is. There are many women who have contacted APN asking how to join the group.

It is simple. Send an email to and we will forward your mail to the group, who will in turn contact you.

In the first phase the Society will do its work anonymously to avoid their men harassing them.

This issue of women abuse, will now be taken up with UDI – The Directorate of Immigration, by African Press in order to find out how the women who suffer for 3 years, under the custody of their men, before they qualify for the permanent can be spared from further sufferings.

Many women have now called APN, and told of  stories even worst than the one we published recently.

African Press will now support the women’s course to eradicate such treatment.

We will soon publish the stories receive from the women, who are happy that we have taken up this issue.

APN has also resolved to organise a delegation of  women, to meet the Minister of Children and Equality, in order to put up a case, and ensure that the Ministry takes the women’s suffering seriously, and impress upon the Directorate of Immigration to protect the African women, and other women in general, living in Norway.

Many Norwegian men have also contacted APN. Some are telling APN stories about their own friends with African women who they treat like second class citizens and unworthy..

They tell us that these women are not allowed by their husbands to go shopping alone.

Their Norwegian husbands, and boyfriends are afraid their women might meet other Norwegian men who will offer them a better deal.

Bjørn, (not his real name), has told APN that 3 African women known to him, have confirmed that their husbands do not allow them to speak to other Norwegian men fearing the women may decide to dump them in favour of a new men.

This, he says is true, because when these men brought the women to Norway, they made them believe that they are rich living in luxury. It does not take long, before they discover that these men are not what they said they were.

“Some women are brought to the country thinking the men they have meet are powerful, only to find out that some of them are jobless or having jobs that cannot manage simple luxury goods for them.

Others are promised houses, cars and money for their families. But immediately after marriage, everything is withdrawn and the man demands to be treated royally for 3 years by the woman,” says Bjørn to APN

It is sad that things like these happen to African women. APN calls upon the Norwegian women activists to come out in support of their fellow African women.

APN will appreciate contact from woman who have the problems pointed out in our article or women who wish to support their fellow African sisters.

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Herebelow is the letter send by email to the minister:

—– Original Message —–

From: African Press – Norway


Cc: African Press – Norway

Sent: Friday, December 15, 2006 1:13 AM

Subject: Seeking for comment or meeting

Foto av sittende statsråd – Karita BekkemellemThe Minister Karita Bekkemellem (Labour Party)

Ministry of Children and Equality

RE. Our story below.

We seek for your comments on the stories we have published on the situation of African women in Norway.

Alternatively, you may grant us a meeting with a delegation of 5 women to discus the problems they undergo.

Please see the story/stories by clicking the link below:

Mistreatment of African women in Norway uncovered by APN!

With regards,


African Press


Story by Korir, African Press in Norway, APN

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