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President Bush’s new soldiers to Iraq in the next five days!

Posted by African Press International on January 11, 2007

US soldiers in Baghdad's Hurriyah neighbourhood (file image) <Extra soldiers to the desert!

President George W. Bush has decided to send 21.500 extra soldiers to Iraq, following a new plan of action after Saddam Hussein was executed.

This is happening even after the US Congress has criticised Bush on the way he has dealt with the Iraq issue. Many US soldiers die everyday in the conflict.

MapAccording to reports that has reached the media, 17.500 of the soldiers will be send to the capital Baghdad, while the remaining 4.000 will join other soldiers in Anbar-province.

Reports confirm that the first contingent will be dispatched already in the next 5 days. The remaining will be send in smaller groups at a later date.

It has been estimated that this exercise will cost approximately 36 billion kroner.  In addition, the president wants to use 7,7 billion kroner on reconstruction and creation of jobs for the Iraqi people.

Many thought things would be better after the Americans and the Iraq’s new regime, executed Saddam Hussein. American families thought their sons and daughters stationed in Iraq would now go home. What they did not know is that Bush had something else in mind.

He does not want to go on record as a president that liberated a country, and left chaos behind. So he wants to put things right, before pulling the soldiers out of Iraq.

Senator Edward Kennedy outside the White House on 8 January 2006 <Senator Kennedy has been against the Iraq war all along. The move by George Bush junior, to send more soldiers angers the democrats, but there is little they can do.

George Bush senior with his son in 1968It is the commander-in-Chief that takes decisions, and in this case it is fighter (son Bush – the immediate left photo with and senior Bush the dad)

However, the Senator has warned Bush of a continued deployment of soldiers in Iraq.

The Congress has a weapon though, but it is toothless weapon at the moment. Their weapon is to refuse funding, but at the same time they do not want to be seen as a Congress refusing soldiers the war tools that is much needed. A dilemma?

By Korir, African Press in Norway, APN,, source.(ANB-NTB)

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