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“…. the recent debate has been healthy for the Kenyan Society, even though sad for the Maggero family”, writes Nyquist

Posted by African Press International on January 31, 2007


You are not alone in suffering from these problems.

Also Norwegians and swedes experience the same. The only difference, is that Norwegians and swedes have a greater number of people to chose their friends from.

If you notice that someone is jealous or try to put you down, you just turn your back to them and focus on people having a positive affect on your life.

This is so much harder for Kenyans and others that are a minority in our society. It’s therefore very important to find common grounds and simply divert from issues that divides you.

People will always disagree, but what’s wrong in that? Just agree to disagree and stay civilized. There’s no need for name-calling or demeaning comments.

Discussions are seldom a negative thing, but the way people discuss and argue can be very negative.

Everywhere, where there’s progress there’s friction from people disagreeing. Those disagreements are often the source and reason for progress.

I think that the recent debate has been healthy for the Kenyan Society, even though sad for the Maggero family.

However, it’s good that the “grass-roots” now has started to raise their voice. Hopefully, this will be the start of a stronger Kenyan Society where Kenyan and Scandinavian culture can unify.

Remember that many Kenyans in Scandinavia today, are of 2’nd and even 3’rd generation immigrants.

Being a Norwegian living outside Norway, I know how easy it is to exaggerate your patriotism and cultural identity. It is definitely healthy to remember where you come from, as long as it does not prevent you from adjusting to your new country.

It’s very confusing for a young person, when the parents and other authority persons are busy fighting the cultural influence from the country where they actually stay.

Instead, let’s all embrace and respect each other’s cultures. This also applies to Kenyans of different tribal origin. Tribalism and racism should not be allowed in our society.

Finally, I want to encourage all Kenyans – young & old, liberated or not – to speak up and take part in building the new Kenyan Society. Together, we are strong…

By Lars Nyquist


Published by African Press in Norway, APN,, tel +47 932 99 739

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