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All flags allowed

Posted by African Press International on April 25, 2008

Publisher: Korir, api source.aftenposteneng

The mayor of Oslo has said it’s ok to wave foreign flags in Norway’s national day of celebration on May 17th.

Oslo’s mayor has made it clear that flags from other countries are ok.

PHOTO: Berglund Erik

“From the city councils viewpoint, wed like to encourage the waving of Norwegian flags, but there is not any ban on flags from other lands,” said Fabian Stang to newspaper Dagsavisen.

A number of immigrant organizations expressed the view that children should wave the Norwegian flag on the 17th of May, and Mayor Stang agreed with the sentiments.

“My hope is that it would be completely natural for all to carry the Norwegian flag on the 17th of May,” said the mayor.

But he emphasized that it would be “absurd” to take away other flags from the childrens parades that go through Oslo on the national holiday.

“The 17th of May is a major holiday for all kids,” said Stang. “The multiplicity of Oslo is one of its great strengths,” he said, “and I really hope that all Oslos kids want to participate in the 17th May parade.”


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