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President Obama dropped South Africa visit because Michelle’s mother insisted to join the entourage

Posted by African Press International on June 19, 2011

By Korir, Chief editor (API)

When it was announced that Mrs Obama will travel alone to South Africa, it was not clear why President Obama would not travel with her. Now a source in her office (name withheld) says the trouble started when Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, insisted to join the entourage.

She will be in South Africa tomorrow Monday 20th. She will also visit Botswana before sightseeing for 4 days. Michelle and her mother wants to use the time there to enjoy the scenery (visiting the national parks) watching wild animals – this will be something for the children. It will be easy for them to do so because the many officials that surround the President always does not give them the privacy, mother-daughter Robinson/Michelle, that they seem to miss after the election of Obama to head the US.

The President wanted to travel with his wife and children on what was to be a working 7-day holiday to South Africa. The president’s plan was to meet former South African president Nelson Mandela because his health is deteriorating. It is said he wanted to meet him this year because in the coming year he will be very busy with the presidential campaign. Obama wants a second term in office.

Michelle’s mother, it is reported, wanted to use the opportunity to be with them and also get to meet Mandela. When the president said no, Michelle is said to have become very furious and stood her grounds insisting that her dear mother must travel with them.

That is when the president decided to drop the visit enabling Michelle and mother (daughter and mother) to go and enjoy the African sun and afternoon tea with Mandela.

Before accepting that his wife and mother travel alone to Africa, it is said, the president insisted and got his wife’s understanding that the upcoming September trip to Kenya will not include Marian Robinson (Michelle’s mother), but only their two daughters and government officials.


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