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The world protests forcing Benetton to withdraw pope-imam kiss advert

Posted by African Press International on November 17, 2011

By api

Benetton will never stop shocking the world when the enterprise chooses to have aggressive marketing campaign and especially that which is meant to pull shoppers to their stores during chrismas shopping season.

They choose provocative campaign methods and this time they are accused of having gone too far when they made ads showing the Pope kissing with one Imam. President Obama on the political side is kissing with the Chinese President Hu Jintao. Benetton says the campaign is preaching peace by sending a message : UNHATE! - Benetton's provocative campaign: US President Obama and President Hu Jintao of China, while on the right side is The Pope and an Egyptian Imam causes worldwide protest against the company - Benetton's provocative campaign: US President Obama and President Hu Jintao of China, while on the right side is The Pope and an Egyptian Imam causes worldwide protest against the company

 The Vatican was not amused with the ad and protested strongly. Now Benetton has been forced to withdraw the ad showing the Pope Benedict XVI  and the Egyptian Imam. However, the Politicians like Obama and others that are featured including German leader and others make not be listened to by Benetton. It is not known why the comapny decided to listen to the Vatican.

The company is very cunning. Now nearing the Christmas season it comes with provocative campaign like this one in order to attract attention from the media and by so doing, sales will go high in the month of December.

The compaign posters, titled “UNHATE”, have appeared in all Benetton shopping stores across the world and also in many media outlets.



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Kenya launches the largest energy

Posted by African Press International on November 17, 2011

By Thomas Ochieng,  API Correspondent in Kenya

The cost of doing business in Kenya has been high due to high electricity cost accompanied by persistent power blackouts resulting to the use of the expensive generator use. Most of Multinationals have relocated out of Kenya due to this factor resulting to job losses for Kenyans and massive depletion of income to the government. This will be a history episode event by the year 2014 if the Olkaria Geo thermal project by Kenya Energy generating company KenGen to generate an additional 280 Megawatt of electricity.

The 750 million US dollars investment in the energy sector undertaken by the Kenya Energy Generating company, and the consortium comprising Japan’s Toyota Tsusho Corp and South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering & Construction is billed as the single largest Geo thermal undertaking in Africa.
While officially launching the power project Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga termed the investment as the surest guarantee towards the realization of the vision 2030 by the country “We have taken this bold investment in the energy sector to reduce the cost of doing business in Kenya by having affordable and reliable power supply” he added that the Geo thermal energy will help in environmental conservation for the future generations.

According to the Managing director of KenGen Mr.Eddy Njoroge will reduce drastically the dependence of the country on costly thermal power generation as a result of the unreliable rain dependent hydro power generation.
“We have decided to turn to renewable power generation to check on the high
cost of power generation to much the high demand the country places to us as a national generator of electricity” he also commended the partners both the
financiers and engineers for their confidence and commitment towards the country by being partners in this landmark energy investment.

The Olkaria project is financed by the Kenyan government, World Bank, Germany’s Development Bank KfW, European Investment Bank, Japan
International Corporation Agency and French Development Agency, AFD,  and KenGen. The Financial and Commercial Director at KenGen Mr.John Mudany who is also the lead financial focal point of the Olkaria Geo thermal project said the financing was a concessional loan with very friendly repayment arrangement for the country to be spread over a period
of  40 years.



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Thousands cut off by impending conflict, rain

Posted by African Press International on November 17, 2011

by api

Residents who have fled Afmadow are putting up in makeshift shelters, 10-15km outside the town (file photo)

NAIROBI,  – Hundreds of families have fled Afmadow in southern Somalia as Kenyan and Somali government forces close in on it to oust the Al-Shabab militia group – even as ongoing rains render roads impassable, residents told IRIN.

“The allied forces are less than 30km away from us and there is a great deal of fear and apprehension as to what will happen,” a resident, who requested anonymity, said.

He added that some 40 percent of the town’s population of about 30,000 had fled to the surrounding areas. “Most are about 10-15km away. They put up makeshift shelters for protection from the rain.”

He said the displaced were afraid to put up permanent structures for fear that Al-Shabab would tear them down.

Al-Shabab has been in control of Afmadow, 620km south of the capital, Mogadishu, since the end of 2009.

“They [Al-Shabab] are not allowing people to take food or anything else out of the town to the displaced.”

The resident said those remaining inside Afmadow were running out of essential goods. “We have had no goods coming in the last month; at this rate we will run out of food.”

Food running out

Food insecurity continues to increase across Somalia, with four million people affected.

According to the UN, 750,000 people in Somalia are at risk of dying if they do not receive urgent intervention.

The Afmadow resident said fear of the impending showdown between the Kenyan troops and Al-Shabab had aggravated the town’s situation.

“Those who can afford [food] are hoarding whatever they can lay their hands on; this is a small town, it won’t take much to clean out the markets, especially since nothing is coming in,” the resident said.

Residents expect the fighting to begin at any time. “I am sure that as soon as there is a break in the rains they will start shooting and we are the ones caught in the crossfire.”

Haji Yolah, a resident of Bilis Qoqani, which is under the control of combined Kenyan and Somali forces, said even areas that were no longer held by Al-Shabab were suffering from food shortages.

“They [TFG and Kenyan forces] have been here with us for almost a month now and we have not seen a single aid agency,” Yolah said. “We have people who are still living in open areas with little to shelter them from rains and the cold.”

Photo: OCHA Eastern Africa
A map showing Afmadow and Kismayu in Somalia

Yolah said pushing Al-Shabab out was fine “but we need something to eat and somewhere to sleep”.

He said just because it had rained did not mean the population had food. “We lost most of our livestock and help from outside has been next to nothing; we are desperate.”

He urged the Somali government and aid agencies to “not forget the people who are caught up in the fighting”.

Mohamed Kaskey, a local journalist, told IRIN there had been movement of people but that this has been slowed down by the heavy rains in the area. “I am certain you would have seen more people on the move if the roads were open.”

Kaskey said the reason Afmadow was not empty was because Al-Shabab “has it shut down. They are not allowing anyone to move.”

He said those who had left were heading north instead of south [towards Kenya] “because of the military activities and because of reports that Kenya was stopping people from entering [the country]”.

ah/mw source

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