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President of the Supreme Court of Kenya Chief Justice Dr Mutunga fights corruption head-on.

Posted by African Press International on November 29, 2011

by api

The newly appointed Chief Justice of Kenya’s Supreme Court – the Highest Court in the land, Dr Willy Mutunga is a no-nonsense man. He has ordered forensic audit on Milimani court expansion – modernising project which was started during his predecessor Justice Evans Gicheru’s term in office. He has put a stop to any further work on the premises and has warned the workers in the courts and the public to be alert at all times because the building can collapse due to poor structure. It is reported that Dr Mutunga has described the state of the building to be in a “sorry state of disrepair”.

It is because he has smelled corruption in the corridors there. The building is also beginning to give into pressure of unknown kind, that can only be connected with poor planning. The newly refurbished building is beginning to fall apart with roofs beginning to get caved, a danger to all the employees and any other persons that goes there to do business.

According to the Kenya media, the exquisite finishing of the newly-refurbished courts as seen from outside seem to be the direct opposite of the interior.  The building now poses grave dangers to staff and public as a result of myriad structural malfunctions that include broken sewers, ceilings caving in, unfinished or plain poor workmanship, a VIP lift that stopped functioning five months after commissioning and lack of internet facilities.”

Hopefully, the forensic audit will point out what went wrong and also bring to book the culprits who may have chewed the money through corrupt means. Building projects can easily be manipulated by hungry and corrupt supervisors. It is simply a matter of investing in overpriced poor material and pocketing the money.

Such people are a danger to the society because they do not care for the lives of the incoming occupants whose lives are put in danger this way.

One thing known is the fact that before a building is put into use, a government inspector does the inspection and issues a certificate to that effect approving the building. If, in this case, that was done then the person who did so should be investigated for his role in the whole mess.

It is not only the buildings that the new Supreme Court Chief Justice has his eyes on. He has in the last few months started cleaning the courts and the public is happy with his efforts to get rid of corruption within the judiciary. If he continues the way he does, Kenyans will soon be proud of their judiciary and the country will also gain international respect as a country with a trustworthy judicial system.


One Response to “President of the Supreme Court of Kenya Chief Justice Dr Mutunga fights corruption head-on.”

  1. Kobla Carbonu said

    Dear World leaders

    I the undersigned dispatched filled victim(s) application form to the international criminal court dated 30/8/11claiming against John Agyekum kufour and professor Evans Atta Mills of the presidency, office of parliament of Ghana ,six supreme court justices including the chief justices, office of council of state,( the electoral commission ) for condoning ,abetting, providing aid and comfort to human right abusers who course human right abuse through or by alteration ,abrogation, and or overthrow of the 1992 constitution or part of it,leading to TREASON and fraudsters, including fraudsters in Ghana commercial bank , Bank of Ghana presenting fraudulent annual financial statements. drug trafficking and armed rubbery etc. British and America government officials are accessories to this crime..United Nations(human right council) was notified in 2005, victims received no effective response ,
    All attempt to get the international criminal court to confirm receipt or otherwise of the victim(s) application form including letter dated 10/3/9 and 9/13/11 email to prove futile . Please add your voice to our call and to the the international criminal court and to the international community (the media in Ghana have abandon us)
    ( by our laws the defendants above and their specified agents are living illegality leading government business at your risk)

    (addressed to head of Governments of states)

    Kobla Carbonu
    p o box md 124
    madina -Accra-Ghana
    mobile (233)0244938277/027825419/0266251114
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