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South Sudan Cabinet meets in Nairobi

Posted by African Press International on November 30, 2011

By. Thomas Ochieng API correspondent Kenya

The new state of South Sudan has embarked governance reorganization plan with the support of her long standing partner, the republic of Kenya.

During a dinner ceremony in Nairobi hosted by the government of Kenya in honor of the cabinet of the republic of South Sudan led by the country’s Vice President Dr.Riek Machar whom were in Kenya for an induction workshop and retreat to help bond the cabinet of this new nation.

Speaking during the function the chief guest, the Kenya’s Prime minster Raila Odinga called upon the government of South Sudan to forge ahead in the spirit of togetherness underpinned by the call for open, inclusive and democratic governance. “The South Sudan new government cannot afford the luxury of experimenting on unexplored governance structured, it should only follow the tested success stories in the continent that have succeeded in the recent history” Said the Premier, He added that for the country to forge ahead the principles of nationhood, ethnic tolerance, democratic governance and the fight against corruption should be the cornerstone of the journey of reconstruction of this new state.

On his part the Vice President of South Sudan Dr.Riek Machar, while expressing his government’s appreciation towards the support accorded by the government and the people of Kenya, called upon the quick integration of the East Africa states to achieve greater growth and compete effectively with the rest of the world. “With a population of over 100 million people, East Africa community can be largest single market in Africa, opening opportunities for growth in the region by attracting business opportunities thus creating the much-needed jobs for the region”
Said Dr. Machar, He at the same time reteriated the importance of the regional cooperation in matters of security to make the region safe destination for investment making reference to the insecurity visited upon by groups such as the Lords Resistance Army(LRA) in Northern Uganda, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo, the Al Shabaab militia in Somali which has precipitated the military intervention of Kenyan, Ugandan and AMISOM soldiers.

The south Sudan cabinet has been meeting in Kenya’s coastal town of Mombasa for the last one week to share governance challenges with Kenyan cabinet counterparts.At the end of the retreat the South Sudan cabinet undertook to develop a code of conduct that encompasses collective responsibility in government, the principles of separation of powers, open tendering process, decentralization power, and prioritization of regional infrastructural development such as the Lamu transport corridor that will have a railway line from port town of Lamu to Ethiopia, South Sudan to Cameroon in west Africa.


One Response to “South Sudan Cabinet meets in Nairobi”

  1. Play it safe, Govt of Southern Sudan! If the correct price is paid, you might be handed over to Bashir by the Kenyan president and Co. When you are in Kenya as a cabinet, these fellows can purport to have defected to N/Sudan to please the butcher Bashir.


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