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Fatou Bensouda will take over from Moreno Ocampo in June 2012 as ICC Chief prosecutor

Posted by African Press International on December 12, 2011

By api

It is now clear that the controversial Chief Prosecutor Ocampo will not be able to see the Kenyan cases through if those he has prosecuted are to face a full trial. He will quit in June next year, leaving the mantle to Gambian born Fatou Bensouda who has been his deputy.

Bensouda is soft-spoken person and handles matters differently from Ocampo. The ICC member states chose her as a compromise candidate.

It is not known what Mr Ocampo will do after he quits as Chief prosecutor. What is known about him is that he has politicised the Kenyan case and may be eyeing for some other jobs in the UN.

Mr Ocampo has been accused that he has used the ICC to target African leaders. When he started the Kenyan cases he told the media that he wanted Kenya to serve as an example for Africa. This alone has left him with suspicion as someone who hates African leaders.

Recently, he decided to collect former Ivorian president Gbagbo – locking him up in the Hague.

He has stated that he will get more leaders who worked with Gbagbo arrested and airlifted to face trial.

African leaders are now hoping that Bensouda, one of Africa’s moderate prosecutors will treat Africa differently than Ocampo.


3 Responses to “Fatou Bensouda will take over from Moreno Ocampo in June 2012 as ICC Chief prosecutor”

  1. Harun Otwoma said

    Prosecution will not change Africans We want our youths to understand where we are comiing from, where we are and where we heading to.
    Leaders like “Hon. William Ruto” and others to address our youths on National issues which affect our communities that we are daily involved to assist and work together to meet our goal together.

    Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo is taking Kenyan back to “SLAVERY”

    Harun Otwoma


  2. For the African leaders are to be treated differently, it’s imperative that the shed the mentality of power being God given, and therefore beyond questioning. How can they be seen differently when Mugabe and Museveni dig deeper into the trenches, not allowing any contender to fight a level war?

    I don’t think Bensauda can do anything about it except going after them when they resort to human rights violations to cling to power.

    With such despots around, Africa will be the main fishing ground for the ICC.


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