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Sleep Station in Münster city in Germany was as comfortable as a 3 Star Hotel

Posted by African Press International on December 28, 2011


We were in Germany to visit the international exhibition that mostly featured handcrafts from many countries. One such country was Kenya, the only country that represented the continent of Africa at the open Christmas market.

In December the christmas month, places to stay in the city are limited due to the many visitors to the region at the time.

For many who were lucky, right at the main Railway station, one just needed to walk for 4 minutes to the nearest boarding and lodging at Wolbecker Street nr 1, a place we chose to lodge for the 3 nights we were in the city.

Many other people who travelled far to the city to visit the exhibition market were lodging in a well furnished building called Sleep Station manned by many kind and helpful workers. One could easily think he or she was housed in a 3 star hotel.

The place allowed the lodgers to make their own food in their equipped kitchen. Breakfast was served and the place costed very reasonable affordable amount.

Sleep Station Manager: - The sleep station manager in Munster - Germany. - The sleep station manager in Munster - Germany.-


The workers at the Sleep Station served guest with delight - Sleep Station - boarding and lodging in Münster city in Germany – Sleep Station – boarding and lodging in Münster city in Germany

Munster city is 1200 years old historical city. Here is where you will find the oldest and most traditional Universities in Germany. The old part of the town offers exiting nightlife. At the “Kreativ Kai” – the harbour sector in Münster you will find restaurants, pubs, clubs and culture.

Visiting Hawer-Kamp lofts you will enjoy underground clubs and studios. Seasonal cycling, hiking, skating, canoeing in and around Münster is also possible.

There are organised historic guided tours around the mediaeval old town. Think of Graphikmuseum, Pablo Picasso, among others when you are choosing to see the wide range of art and cultural museums.

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4 Responses to “Sleep Station in Münster city in Germany was as comfortable as a 3 Star Hotel”

  1. Friederike said

    Thank you very much for the article.
    Would be great to see you again someday.
    It was a pleasure meeting you!
    All the best and a Happy New Year,
    Friederike (Margret)


    • Thank you for writting and letting us know. We wish you the best as well and hope we will meet in the near future. send us your telephone number by using our sites email africanpress @ getmail. no
      We are glad you have willing adopted the name margret so it will be easy to say for us when calling your name. we will also practice Friederike.

      from us mary and sammy..


  2. Anonymous said

    Dear Sammy and Mary,
    Loved the article and photos! It is always a pleasure to work at the Sleep Station with such wonderful guests as our new friends from Kenya and Oslo were! Looking forward to see you again soon, in the meatime have a wonderful and Happy New Year 2012!
    Best wishes,
    Diana and Jens


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