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Wade of Senegal who wanted a third term in office has lost the elections

Posted by African Press International on March 26, 2012

A younger man has won the presidential elections in Senegal, sending the former president into oblivion.

According to Kenya’s Daily Nation “Thousands of people celebrated in the streets of Dakar early Monday after Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade admitted defeat in his bid for a third term, scotching fears he would try to hang on to power. With early results from Sunday’s second-round run-off giving his rival Macky Sall a commanding lead, Wade chose to phone Sall to congratulate him the same evening rather than wait for the definitive results.”

The problem in Africa is that old leaders want to sit in power until they die instead of retiring honourably and handing over power.

Wade had managed to change the constitution to allow him to get a third term, but the people had other plans for him – to send him to retirement. He may now have to answer questions because when he refused to step down earlier, people died during demonstrations to get him to understand that he had to go. The new administration may want to ask him to take responsibility for the deaths of innocent people. It is believed that the courts are waiting for him.


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