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History made: Coach Djordje and his assistant Sorina takes Oppsal women handball team to the top – joining the Elite League (Eliteserien) in Nowegian handball

Posted by African Press International on April 1, 2012

Feature story: Oppsal women handball team manages to qualify to join top elite handball for the first time in history. The team is number one in the division 1 chart followed by Glassverkets team coming as number 2 while Nordstrand came 3rd. This has happened after the club engaged the services of Serbian Djordje Teodorovic as Main coach and his Romanian wife Sorina Teodorovic as Assistant coach. = Oppsal women handball Coach Mr Djordje Teodorovic and Assistant Coach Mrs Sorina Teodorovic make history enabling the club to qualify for a place in Norway's top handball elite series in the coming season = Oppsal women handball Coach Mr Djordje Teodorovic and Assistant Coach Mrs Sorina Teodorovic make history enabling the club to qualify for a place in Norway's top handball elite series in the coming season

Djordje Teodorovic has coached Oppsal handball club for 8 seasons. The first 5 seasons he was the men’s team coach, before taking charge of the women team that he has now coached for 3 seasons. He embarked on his coaching career in 1997. He has coached the following clubs: Bækkelagets SK, NIT-HAK HK, Toten HK, Valencia- Spain, and Sønderjyske in Denmark.

Taking Oppsal women division one team now to the top will definitely shine his career achievement since the club has never made it to the Elite League (Eliteserien) in Norwegian top handball before.

Oppsal met Glassverkets team in Oppsal Arena:

We bring you one of the seasons matches in a video here below. Oppsal women handball division one (in blue) scores 22 goals in their meeting with Glassverket women handball division one who managed to win the game by scoring 31 goals - Coach Djordje and some players - Coach Djordje and some players

Oppsal team consisted of the following: Marie Sundfør Tømmerbakke, Stine Mikkelsen - Kine Rustad Kristiansen, Mari Hegna 6, Pernille Martinsen 1, Julie Kvale 4, Izabela Duda 3(1), Helene Opperud, June Bøttger 1, Victoria Korir 4, Janne Vivi Haraldsen, Sunniva Liereng, Marte Jonstad Røkke 3 og Jeanett Granum.
Glassverkets active players during this game were : Jeanett Kristiansen 8(1), Veronica Kristiansen 6, Trine OLsen 5, Mina Gustavsen 5, Charlotte Aasbø 2, Monica Iversen 1, Veronica Våraker 1, Trine Bronsta 1, Rikke Klausen 1 og Mari Loe 1.

The play-off which took place at Oppsal Arena on Wednesday the 28th of March, starting at 19.00 hours assembled 300 spectators who cheered wildly as the teams fought for the ball vigorously. The season started in September last year ending today 1st April. Oppsal’s team has led the series throughout the season 2011/2012.

Although Oppsal lost to Glassverket during this game of the 28th of March, the club remained at the top and will join the elites in Norwegian top handball for the first time in history. - Oppsal women division one handball gets Gold 1.4.2012 - Oppsal women division one handball gets Gold 1.4.2012

Today, Sunday the 1st of April, Oppsal played against Jotun in the final day of the season 2011/2012.

Oppsal won the game by getting 39 goals to 29 for Jotun. The win as division 1 masters in this season 2011/2012, makes Oppsal women handball team Golden! Both teams will now move automatically to join the Eliteserien in Norwegian Top Handball. The division 1 teams were 14 this season and three at the bottom of the chart will now lose their positions moving probably down to division 3. The 12th team – Jotun which Oppsal met today, however, still has a chance to remain in division 1, because it has a chance to play a qualifying game against a number 3 team in division 3 in the season. - Oppsal women division one handball gets Gold 1.4.2012 - Oppsal women division one handball gets Gold 1.4.2012

The eliteserien (Elite league) will have 12 teams and to remain at the top in the 2012/2013 will be a tough nut to bite. The teams that are now in the eliteserien are very experienced and for the new teams to make a mark, they have to put much effort in their training and improve their team work during the games.

They will meet teams which are very experienced such as the well accomplished Larvik Womens team and Byåsen Women’s team. The other teams in the eliteserien have been there for a number of years. Most of their players participate in representing Norway in the European, Olympic and World Championships. Being part of the three championships gives players experience that is hard to beat. The new teams, however, with good training will beat the odds.

Click directly on the video below and sit back to enjoy the game:







The chart below:

Oppsal women handball division 1, leads the chart below, and has already qualified to join Norway’s top handball – the eliteserien, and will be accompanied by Glassverkets team that has claimed position number 2. Nordstrand women’s team became number 3 here and must meet a falling team which is now (2011/2012 season) in the eliteserien in their effort to join Oppsal and Glassverket in their new-found fame – that of joining the top most Norwegian handball in the 2012/2013 season.

Number Team Games Wins Draw Loses Goal differences Points
1. Oppsal 26 22 1 3 900 - 645 45
2. Glassverket 26 21 2 3 819 - 562 44
3. Nordstrand 26 21 0 5 819 - 654 42
4. Bækkelaget 26 17 1 8 789 - 690 35
5. Skrim 26 14 3 9 712 - 657 31
6. Selbu 26 14 2 10 695 - 659 30
7. HK Halden 26 14 1 11 657 - 625 29
8. Utleira 26 11 3 12 708 - 677 25
9. Sverresborg 26 11 1 14 731 - 710 23
10. Fjellhammer 26 9 2 15 635 - 669 20
11. Viking TIF 26 8 2 16 679 - 777 18
12. Jotun 26 7 1 18 613 - 752 15
13. Årstad 26 2 1 23 516 - 889 5
14. Bjørnar 26 1 0 25 563 - 870 2

Coach Djordje Teodorovic was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia (now Serbia) in the city of Sabac. As a 10-year-old boy he started playing handball in the local club “Metaloplastika” which is one of the giants with the number of titles nationally and internationally. In the 80s, the club was 7 times champions in Yugoslavia, and played 3 times the finals in European Champions League with victory in the final in 1985. and 1986. Having had the opportunity to receive coaching by top coaches in his home town, coach Djordje will now use his expertise in the Norwegian top handball.

 Sorina who is the assistant coach was born and raised in Romania (Bucharest), and was one of the world’s best players in the 90′s. She has behind her 350 games (200 and 150 for Romania and Austria respectively), and a number of titles playing at a high level. She has been victorious in the European Champions League, victory in the European Cup winners’ Cup, 3rd place in the European Championship, 3rd place in the World, voted as the best female right-back player in 1997 and a number of national titles.

Coach Djordje and assistant coach Sorina Teodorovic got married in 1997. The two, who now live in Oslo, were blessed with a baby boy on the 16th of March 2010. – The family is understandably very “handball-oriented” and sacrifice a lot of time working with the youth and adults satisfactorily through their coaching duties. While on this, it is worthy to mention that the family life is their first priority and there exists very close ties with their home countries. Their parents and siblings in Serbia and those in Romania gets the couples attention. Every summer the couple do travel to visit their families, and during handball season in Norway, they get them on a visit to Oslo.

- In addition to handball coaching, the couple have daytime jobs. Djordje works for Nit-Hak handball club as General Manager, while Sorina is engaged as a physical education teacher at Ulsrud high school, a 15 minutes drive from Oslo city centre.

Plans for the coming season?

For the season 2012/2013 the team is set to fulfil high expectations. The desire is to establish themselves well in the Elite series and play at the level to march every single experienced team. Since there are only 12 clubs qualified to Norwegian Elite series, it goes without saying that the quality of the games is very high. 

Norway is the world’s best country when it comes to women’s handball. The country is the European champion, Olympic champion and world champion for the moment. Therefore, it will be a great honor for Oppsal’s women team to play at the highest level for the first time in its history.  The plan now is to encourage the team to the next level, so that a combination between experienced and young players can best serve in combat situations.
The coaches are proud of being able to join the Elite Series taking with them young players, such as Marie Sundfør Tømmerbakke, Victoria Korir, Marte Røkke and Julie Kvale among others, that the club has lifted up turning them to what they are today .

Surviving in the Elite league?

In order to survive in the Eliteserien (Elite League), the club, without a doubt, must have more experienced players who can shine and show the way in the field. The most important thing now is to build well and to achieve this, the team has to improve on their training culture.

Playing at the top-level requires enormous physical resources and it is very important that the players are well prepared physically, technically and tactically. In order to achieve this, the club needs more and reliable partners. Without a strong economic platform, the competition is diluted, resulting in distraction that lessens the efforts to become the best in the country.

The season 2011/2012 ended today, one day to the start of this year’s easter holidays. The club’s coach and his assistant, therefore, sends warm easter holiday greetings to all handball lovers worldwide.




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