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Drunk British soldiers tribal fight in a Kenyan bar: Irish and Scottish soldiers squared it out when alcohol took over their lives

Posted by African Press International on April 4, 2012

They say there are no tribes in the United Kingdom. That is not true. The British Embassy in Kenya accuses Kenyans of being tribal dependent and yet now in a show of hate and tribal mindedness the British soldiers in Kenya fought one another vigorously.

According to the Kenya Daily Nation Online, – An argument among British Army troops at a Nanyuki hotel degenerated into a vicious fight between Irish and Scottish soldiers at the weekend. Initial reports indicated that one died after he was thrown out of a window on the first floor and landed head first on the concrete ground. While their army chief of staff Maj James Clark agreed that “tribal” utterances caused the fight, he denied that there was loss of life. – ““The incident hurt the image of the British Army in Nanyuki. It was a scenario similar to the one in Kenya where people from different tribes may disagree when drunk. Investigations are being conducted. We will come up with recommendations,” Mr Clark said.”

Even in Norway, one finds the British people walking in separate directions in their social lives. The few bars in Oslo bears the identity of the Irish, Scottish and the English not British unity as they would like to portray. Because they look down upon one another, you will find that those who are Irish go to the Irish bars, while those who are Scottish only go to the Scottish bars, and so do the Englishmen and women.

The British, therefore, should not be lecturing Kenyans on how they should behave towards one another  as long as the Kenyan tribes are not at war with one another.

There is nothing wrong for one to be proud of his or her tribe. One did not ask to be born to a certain tribe.


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