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President Obama’s birthplace investigative champion Dr. Orly Taitz endorsed for a Senate seat by Eric Dondero

Posted by African Press International on May 25, 2012

Major endorsement for Dr. Orly Taitz for US Senate from the founder of th Republican Liberty Caucus and Libertarian, senior aid to Ron Paul


Eric Dondero writes; 10:28 AM

Hi Orly,
We spoke briefly yesterday. Twas a pleasure. You have my official endorsement for your US Senate race. Eric Dondero, Senior Aide, US Congressman Ron Paul 1997-2003, Founder, Republican Liberty Caucus
“Yes, when she first burst on the scene, many conservatives and libertarians were a little skeptical. But Orly Taitz has been completely vindicated. Whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii, or whether he was born in Kenya and then was flown by his mother to Hawaii a couple weeks later to gain U.S. citizenship, may never be known for sure. Perhaps Obama himself doesn’t know.

But, those like Orly who were way out front on this issue the last couple years, have now been proven right. Obama was not fully vetted. And now with the author booklett that lists Obama’s birthplace as “Kenya”, the truth is out.
Orly deserves to be our Republican nominee for US Senate in California. She may have a tough fight against Feinstein.

However, it’s an opportunity to bring the issue of Obama’s birthplace out in the media. She is also a dedicated free market anti-nanny-state GOPer.
I enthusiastically endorse Orly Taitz for US Senate.” Please add to your Daily Favorites!



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