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Is RAILA dating SHEBESH? Asks The Daily Post

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2012

The Kenyan DAILY POST Gossip andDrama; the Kenyan way!

African Press International says we do not know, but for our readers we bring you the whole story as it is from the Daily Post so that you judge for yourself. API is of the opinion that  the Daily post is unfair and hard on the Prime Minister!

The Daily Post writes;

Thursday, July 19, 2012 – There is trouble in paradise! Rumour has it that the frequent fights between the Prime Minister’s wife Ida Odinga and nominated MP Rachel Shebesh is more than what meets the eye.The bitterness and brawl between the two is not based on politics but it is more of a domestic fight between a wife and a husband’s lover.

In the past, the two women have openly fought over the control of ODM leadership. Recently this was witnessed at the Bomas of Kenya where Shebesh roughed up one of the ODM leaders in front of everyone.

On the other hand, Raila is often seen hanging out with either Shebesh or his wife Ida – be it in political rallies or normal events. Raila created more suspicion by declaring openly that Shebesh was the only woman he trusts in ODM. This must have been a big Ouch to his protective wife Ida.

To add salt to injury, word has it that Shebesh and the ODM flag bearer once travelled abroad where they booked a hotel far away from the other honorables who had accompanied them for the visit. If walls would talk, we would give you all the details that mushroomed under the closed doors.

What is kept eventually comes out.

Only time will tell…
  • Lifted from: The Kenyan DAILY POST – Kenya

124 comments for Is RAILA dating SHEBESH?

  1. Anonymous

    Shebesh is a fineeeee lady, so Jakom’s choice is not bad! The last time I checked its not a crime to have a mpango wa kando!

  2. Anonymous

    Habari ndio hiyo………..

  3. Anonymous

    no problem so change diet

  4. Anonymous

    Shebesh is cute bana so Jakom, pour some spoof in there.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    no problem with jakom seeing shebesh ………….

  7. Anonymous

    …Wacha jango ikule vitu, kwani iko nini, mababu zetu walikuwa na mabibi chungu mzima na mahawala pia.

  8. Anonymous


  9. Anonymous

    What’s the big deal. Jakom is human too n rumors don’t help at all. If this writer is worth his salt, he’d provide proof of all these juicy tales.

  10. Anonymous

    if shebesh is married then this is wrong

  11. Anonymous

    going for a second wife is not a crime as long as he has the money, which he has anyway

  12. Anonymous


  13. Anonymous

    She is a beautiful woman, and he is an ambitious person. hakuna mrija

  14. Anonymous

    Aaaiiih yawa,hayawi hayawi huwa na mambo ni kanganja huenda ya kaja.Afro-cinema continues shortly oooh.

  15. Anonymous


  16. Anonymous


  17. Anonymous

    Shebbesh ni mrembo 2 xana dan ida,Jakom ur right kumkuja even me singewacha kwani!.Shebbesh amesimama tena akajitokelezea.congratulation Jakom


  18. Anonymous

    Raila is just corrupt,,,no leadership skills at all,,,,,ajitoe na mapema!!!!!

  19. Anonymous


  20. Anonymous

    Jango yaawa!!!!

  21. Anonymous

    Wacha jakom akule vitu…

  22. Anonymous

    wacha mzaa amumunye kitu

  23. Anonymous

    Shebesh ataakimwaga hizo sperm zake mzee,mkule pesa kabisa…..go gal thats who we are!!!!!

  24. Anonymous



    habari ndio hiyo.

  25. Anonymous

    tangaza msimamo kama kibaki “i have only one wife”

  26. Anonymous

    Hata Obako anakulanga Wambui na hakuna ngori,nani hajui hizi vitu.Jakom kamata mali.

  27. Anonymous

    nilijua tu

  28. Anonymous

    Even Baba Jimmy has Mwanaharakati Mary Wambui

  29. Anonymous

    tena si Maggy wanjiru..hehehe

  30. Anonymous

    It’s immoral evidently he can’t make It as president

  31. Anonymous

    yes yes yes, tell them who is perfect, baba jimmy ad wambui????? why dont you talk about this, kwani Roa ndio myama???

  32. Anonymous

    she is the cutest lady, raila go for it

  33. Anonymous

    sasa, nyinyi munasema nini?Hakulasimisa shabesh.Jakomu tia ndani kabisaa, what heki who does not eat things.All of us do stop pretending and throwing stone.most men and women cheat so what.

  34. Anonymous

    no problem who iz after Ida when shes out with other men pliz Ida quit odm if ure not ready for change tiz are pple promoting change hear u are stoping them from change, wot are u for? dont b lyk miguna miguna woman

  35. Anonymous


  36. Anonymous

    She is hot for him he cant manage

  37. Anonymous


  38. Anonymous

    shebesh ni kitu hata mimi kama ni raila lazima ningekula hizo.

  39. Agwambo dnt disapoint me……. kula yeye kabisa………

  40. Anonymous

    Maze am a kiuk bt kumbe Rao anaona mbele hivyo hio ki2 sio ya kunyora pekee ni ya hio kazi she is hot bt 2 she is a sexy MILF Ida wacha wivu ukinyima mzee unaexpect nini?

  41. Anonymous

    Hakuna brrrrrrrrrrrrsha yoyote lakini i dont knw what women will think about this. RAO woie kwani Ida ameeeda offf she looks young
    though nothing close to a kikyu shebesh whta happened to lakeside chicks i thought they were better. am loughing ooh

  42. We must prioritize the principles we use in measuring our leaders. For instance, which is more of a betrayal; when a priest has a family (there is only illegitimacy in such an case) or when he misappropriates the funds of his congregation. In my opinion the former is a greater sin for the priest made a solemn vow of celibacy. He betrays not only his congregation but his Church, himself and God in whose name he voluntarily took the oath. Similarly, when a public official fathers an illegitimate child or misappropriates public funds which between the 2 is more of a betrayal? In my opinion, it is the latter for the public official has taken a solemn vow in God’s name and before his countrymen that he will not do such a thing. Using this logic I fail to understand what Raila’s escapades or lack thereof outside the boundaries of his marriage have to do with how we should vote or think when all our leaders including Raila and his opponents have indeed failed in their most sacred duty of protecting the wealth and the future of the people of Kenya.

  43. Anonymous

    Sasa Rao has not stolen from the public what he is eating belongs to Shabesh , so u people what is your problem?I am a man and i believe we have to service our women .so Agwambo has done nothing wrong.No single politician has not eaten out stop all this nonesense that Jakomu ame eat Shabesh beacause that is what Shabesh wants.Kwani Shabesh atakula wapi?

  44. Anonymous

    father and son eating fro the same plate

  45. Anonymous

    Hahahahaha!!!the fella is player!i saw u Ida hahahahaha!!!fake

  46. Anonymous


  47. Anonymous

    Dint miguna unmask this? Ama imeanza juzi anyway RAILA IS A TOTAL FAILURE

  48. Anonymous

    Raila will not come out say “I only have one wife…”.Nothing wrong with an extra cheese on the side,its African tradition, its natural and yes Shebesh is a true Nyako, I bet she is good with the Oludh kuol too.

  49. Anonymous

    Kip up agwambo, at least Ur not blind…..U av scored.

  50. Anonymous

    she is cute

  51. Anonymous

    Long sleeve

  52. Anonymous

    The worst thing that ever happened to Kenya is RAO .

  53. Anonymous

    like father like son,babake alijaribu akashidwa ,dont think he will make it pole sana rao,his fathe died tryng,huwezi make,

  54. Anonymous

    but you buggers kept saying Raila was IMPOTENT..kumbe Nyundo bado inafanya Kazi? I just love this man more and more no matter what haters say about him.

  55. Anonymous

    I hope MARGARET WANJIRU wont come out guns blazzing! Jakom sosi yote CHUBBY CHASER! lol

  56. Anonymous

    Alejandro Jakom Agwas and Esmeralda Shebesh!

  57. Anonymous

    she is prettier n younger nicer too

  58. Anonymous

    Kenyan men are the most unromantic in the world…it is also true according to a survey conducted recently,the most men who cheat are black men as compared to other races,..well then that explains why you are so much affected by the HIV in the country,.., think wisely before commenting gladly on this article, up. when are you going to think like people who atleast went to school,..shame on all of you with stupid comments

  59. Anonymous

    women should campaign for raila….kyuks wameze wembe

  60. Anonymous

    Better than Jakoyo Midiwo who goes to koinange street.

  61. Anonymous

    sam1 update me pls what does jakom means najua Rao bt hio imenishinda.

  62. Anonymous

    Na habari ndiyo na hivyo ndivyo ilivyo

  63. Anonymous

    This is deliberate effort to kill ODM.

  64. Anonymous

    would you say the same if it was ida doing this?

  65. Anonymous

    atleast RAO umeamini kiuks ni wa tamu, congrats jakom, kuta vitu….

    waweru central

  66. Anonymous

    chame kabisa!!!

  67. Anonymous

    hahaha.. change of diet

  68. Anonymous


  69. Anonymous


  70. Anonymous

    Miguna already Migushed this!

  71. Anonymous

    RAO doesn’t have class. His presidency would be a big embarrassment to Kenya.

  72. Anonymous

    Power of the wonder pill VIAGRA , brainless head, two balls and an overgrown foreskin !

  73. Anonymous

    Plans to hound shebesh, wanjiru and others out of ODM Won’t work. Stick to governance issues. Not mudslinging and innuendos. Many house girls, secretaries, office staff etc are fired everyday simply because the boss’s wife thinks they are too attractive. ODM, RAO, Ida won’t are too mature to fall for that crap.

  74. Anonymous

    I don’t like Raila but that’s goodstuff!!!!!!

    Poor Margaret Wanjiru!!!!!

  75. Anonymous

    sisi wajaluo tunasema kama ni shebesh ni sawa nyathi yom pamba

  76. Anonymous

    Ukimwi tupu.

  77. Anonymous

    kitendawili kimepata jibu?……??

  78. Heheheheeh baba huyo dem usimuache ako poa sana i like ua selections but to be a gentle man usifiche watu mababu wetu walioa kama kumi sembuse wewe kapili watu walalamike?infact kama bado uko na nguvu hawa masingle ladirs wenye wanakufuata ukienda siasa wanakutaka na wewe huna habari,kula vyako

  79. Anonymous

    wacha amdinye kabisa!

  80. Anonymous

    truth be told. shebesh akikuwahi utaacha?

  81. Anonymous

    hakuna makosa kama watu wawili wanapendana ,iko nini

  82. Anonymous

    cheap propaganda

  83. Anonymous

    If one has a partner, stick to him/her give each other the services one deserves.This means that hakuna mwenywe ataangalia kando. Partners keep the fire burning to avoid aibu.

  84. Anonymous

    wazee hukubuka!!!

  85. Anonymous


  86. Anonymous

    Shebesh is charming and looking cocoalastic.This communicates that Luos knows romance despite the age.Shebesh Knows how Sweet a Jango is.Ladies,try Luo men before you are married.Oigo

  87. Anonymous

    jakom u fully a man kula hiyo kitu sana

  88. Anonymous

    upuzi Raila 2013!!!!!
    mwenye wivu ajinyonge!!!!
    mtasikia hivyo!!!

  89. Anonymous

    Second lady

  90. Anonymous

    she is beatiful Raila jst continue.

  91. She is Cute and swit too! Kip it up Baba!

  92. Shebesh is so cute! She is the true definition of Beauty! keep it up Baba! If True unajua kuchagua….

  93. Anonymous

    Wacha mzee akule mavitu… ajibambe… u dnt eat rice daily, halo!

  94. Anonymous

    Wenye wivu wajiyonge!!

  95. Anonymous

    they are just human, wache wajienjoy

  96. Anonymous

    Ofcos,shebesh is the husbands name from luhya land iges.kama ni ukweli,anatutafuta kutumaliza kisiasa na kifamilia

  97. Anonymous

    No problem, part of life. Diet change is very necessary and healthy. Moi did it, you do it, I do it, he does it, she is doing it, they are doing it. No problem. Good news

  98. Anonymous

    nomma,nomma,nomma….nyam nyam komja

  99. Anonymous

    What about Mr Shebeesh? is it ok for raila kuchukua mabibi za watu?
    What if he becomes prezzo si atachukua mabibi zenu wote?

  100. Anonymous

    Shebesh akinipa sikatai hata kama ananishinda miaka, kaa mbao

  101. Anonymous

    Eat it RAO till you burp, you are the man!

  102. Anonymous

    Rao is also a man!

  103. Anonymous

    If u hav neva had mpango wa kando in ur life then point a finger.RAO IS ALSO HUMAN PLZ GIV HIM A BREAK.I SUPORT FULLY COZ SHE MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL.KUDOS RAO

  104. Wakenya wamesema. So please eat tha pussy while you can. Kula kabisa, hata mimi akinipa nitailamba kweli kweli. In fact I envy you

  105. Anonymous

    Shebesh is worthy.If this is not true,then, I am here willing.Come baby come..

  106. Anonymous

    ni kawaida ya mwanaume. thats y we were called men

  107. Anonymous

    jakom kula vitu,dat chic is hooooot

  108. Whats with the Odingas, can’t keep hands off Kiuk women.Anyway I think this shebesh woman is letting her closeness to tingod get to her head.She’s now openly disrespecting Aida.

  109. Anonymous

    Just before the ODM parliamentary nominations in November 2007,
    Raila ‘prevailed’ upon Hussein Mohammed to make way for Rachel Shebbesh.This was not because
    Shebbesh was more popular than Hussein in Kasarani. Far from it. It seems more
    likely that this was because Shebbesh was Raila’s ‘squeeze.’

  110. Anonymous

    You wont nail Raila on that one.. Spin another…

  111. Anonymous

    Shebesh is a married woman for Gods sake.

  112. Anonymous

    Ramba kitu agwambo….wataongea mchana , usiku walale

  113. Anonymous

    Binu ya kufanyana

  114. Anonymous

    bulshit. if theres evidence like physical evidence i will blieve otherwise propaganda tupu.

  115. Anonymous


  116. Anonymous

    wacha bondo asafishe KAGO ULIMI YAKE NDEFU KITANDAWILI

  117. Anonymous

    Mdomo mdomo tuu Raila is a humble & family man.

  118. Anonymous

    RAO is also married

  119. Anonymous

    RAO’s choice is not bad! The last time I checked its not a crime to have a mpango wa kando!
    Why do you complain when Shebesh is comfortable?

  120. Anonymous

    shebesh is more cute dan ida, raira have only drink da milk n panguza midomo mit shebesh,s handcachief, Ida si ata wewe unapeyana nyamnyam yako na hauulizwi.nyama ya kuimba ni tamu sana; WASHA RAIRA APONDE MALI.

  121. Anonymous

    Baba Jimmy na Mary Wambui.

  122. Anonymous

    Its just bt a roumer,it has not been confirmed yet,some of you,actually alot of yu guys are quick to judge,

  123. Anonymous

    I guess only God will save our country…we need sanity. Do we as Kenyans think about our children and the next generations? we need to wake up from deep sleep with all due respect

  124. Anonymous

    so Rao is also balancing the diet!

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11 Responses to “Is RAILA dating SHEBESH? Asks The Daily Post”

  1. bishop said

    blackmail,when u print such things u have to know that shebesh has children,who are grownups,constitution chapter 4 bill of rights is very clear.who knows sexual behaviour of his/her parents? shame on you

    Like this

  2. The other day, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iphone and tested
    to see if it can survive a 40 foot drop, just so she can be
    a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views.

    I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

    Like this

  3. said

    penyenye penyenye amekula yako kama kuna relief food kwa shebesh baba yetu chafua, mpaka uone alama ya dukuduku

    Like this



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  5. mzee ako sawa kwani atado?baada ya kutoka siasa

    Like this

  6. Bornface Anyona said

    if it’s that way no problem.

    Like this

  7. Egerton said

    Kama wewe ni jogoo onyesha ujogoo wako, they will talk then evening they will go asleep those who panic wamekaliwa na wake sao.

    Like this

    • SUSAN said

      Do whatever you want in this world but remember the judgement is coming, Don’t comment like a silly person open your eyes and see this is last days. Whom are you going to serve.I can see majority are there for satan ,Just follow him you will see the end of it

      Like this

  8. danson kamanda said

    all the best

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  9. Whats up are using WordPress for your blog platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to
    get started and create my own. Do you require any html coding expertise
    to make your own blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Like this

  10. msondo said

    transformer ya jakom ilishadie,hakuna kitu huko

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