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US presidential candidate Romney loses to President Obama in careless whispers

Posted by African Press International on September 18, 2012

Romney was careless in May this year during a fundraising meeting. In a recently released tape, Romney is criticising the American people who need the government’s help from time to time. He was caught unaware when he uttered the demeaning words that shows that he is a man for the rich. Being elected President will therefore put the larger American population in danger because his government will pay no attention to their needs, like Obama’s government would like to do.

Romney accuses the larger American population of dependency on government hand-outs, saying such group of people will most definitely vote for Obama because he will give them unconditional aid for their survival.

The analysts now conclude that Romney is a don’t care presidential candidate who if voted in may not have his heart for the poor and needy American people.

It is now clear that if Romney is not tamed by those in charge of his campaign, more careless utterances may flow and will ruin him.

The Democrats will rejoice more, now that the debates will soon start, and President Obama is expected to pin down Romney by dwelling on the careless utterances considered by the Democrats as abuse directed against the poor and needy American people.

Romney’s uphill battle has just began and if not handle with care, this will cost him the presidential victory he so desires together with his supporters, The Tea Party Comrades.

The Tea Party is a group of Americans who want Romney in and Obama out. This is a group that sees no single right done by Obama. They simply want him out. This is a right-wing group very active in America, one that saw the light immediately President Obama took over power.



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