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Kenya politics: Some TNA members missing from the nomination list

Posted by African Press International on December 25, 2012


Hundreds of TNA members could be locked from participating in the party’s nomination next month due to an anomaly that has risen. It has emerged that the names of thousand of the members are missing from the main list despite having party cards. As a result aspirants have expressed their concern that their supporters could be locked from participating in the January 7th primaries across the country.


According to Nakuru senator aspirant James Mungai, the issue was bringing confusion and raising anxiety. He said that thousand of party members had registered but their names were missing from the main list. “On checking, we have come to learn that the names of many members across the country are not reflected in the main TNA registration list,” he said. According to him the party had a mobile number where registered members would send their ID numbers for confirmation but many results were negative.


He called on the party headquarters to urgently address the issue before the primaries on January 7th 2013. Mungai was speaking to the press in Ndabibi Naivasha after registering as a voter. He praised area residents for turning up in large numbers in the exercise noting that over 99,000 people had so far registered.


“The IEBC had set a target of 104,000 but so far over 99,000 in Naivasha and this is kudos to the voters,” he said. On his part councilor Kamanu Gathariki noted that the issue of registration was very sensitive and could affect the nominations. Kamanu said that if not addressed many of the TNA members could be locked from participating in the nominations. “We are troubled by this anomaly and we call on the party headquarters to move with haste and solve the problem,” he said.






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