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If there is any justice in this world, ICC will have to find Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto NOT guilty

Posted by African Press International on January 2, 2013

There are debates out there. In Kenya, within the international circles and some who call themselves experts. Debating on what may happen to the two emerging Kenyan leaders, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto who have decided to run on one ticket in their effort to win the hearts of the Kenyan electorate so that they get elected President and Deputy President respectively.

For the people interested to see justice done in this case, they know that the two men are not guilty of the crimes they are accused of committing. This is true. Those who have followed the case in the court they understand only too well that the two men were used as scapegoats by the then Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo whose aim was to build himself up – and sure he did, so that he gets recognition internationally, and surely he got the recognition that earned him a lucrative job when his term at the International Criminal Court ended last year. Ocampo was an angry man. He told the world that he was going to use the Kenya case as an example for African leaders, even before evidence, if any, was collected. This only means he was going to do all he could to get the two, no matter what. And it came to pass as seen during the Confirmation of Charges Hearings, that Ocampo used hear-say evidence and evidence cooked-up by ill-motived organizations that had coached and paid witnesses to lie by implicating Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and four other Kenyans.

It is wrong to sing in chorus – songs of sacrifice, when those being sacrificed are innocent victims. There are activists out there who sing loudest after being bought by dark forces in the Western world who would like to determine the way Kenya is run politically by using threats of sanctions.

It is the privilege of the Kenyan people to determine their leadership at all times. This time around, if they want to be led by Kenyatta or Ruto so be it!

After being hurt for a number of years now through this unwarranted accusation, Kenyatta and Ruto are feared by the West – those countries interested in seeing them locked up by the ICC. This is so, because those countries understand that if the two are elected President and Deputy President, they will not entertain the West and their nonsense, especially after having engineered the vehicle for their suffering, and being forced to face cooked-up crimes which they have to defend, which they so look forward to do. They say their conscience is clear.

There are groups that has come out to advise Kenyans against electing the two. These groups are not from Kenya. They say Kenya will be isolated if they choose the people they like. What a shame. There are also groups in Kenya advocating for the same. These are merely doing so in their jealous mood  – political competition, because they fear to be defeated or they fear to see those they support losing the elections to the two men.

Now it is two months to the day of voting and the Kenyan people will decide. If the voters use their brains to give opportunity to people with ability to lead, they will choose good leaders without being fooled by activists or false prophets – the prophets of doom who say Kenya will be isolated by the International community.

  • By API Editorial

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