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Kenya politics: Let us (Luos) stop worshiping kingmanship – Railamania is killing our development in Nyanza

Posted by African Press International on February 10, 2013

  • By Wilberforce Odhiambo, Kenya

We in Nyanza have seen our region lag behind North Eastern in development because of worshiping kingmanship Raila Amollo Odinga. This man has been in Government for 8 years and now what can we boast about? Nusu mkate (half bread) as he always says?, nusu carpet (half carpet as he always says?), Kalonzo na mpira (Kalonzo with the ball as he always tells us)? When will we win and score the goal now that he tells us the ball is with Kalonzo and will pass it on to him (Raila) who says he will shoot and score the ball that will take the Luo people and those loyal to the Luos on a match to State House?

We cannot beat the solidarity in the Jubilee Coalition, and it is time we realize where Kenya is and whom it belong to now and in the future. We need to beg to our ‘friends’ from Mt. Kenya and the Rift Valley to help us nurture leaders like they have now. We can see how young people from the two regions really grow very fast politically and take positions and rule us all the time while our RAO, since 1982, Jaramogi since 1945 have tried and got nothing that is productive and helpful to our people in Nyanza.

Our own James Orengo was only able to manage to win a student leader position in the University on his own, and after that he is riding on the shoulders of people like Raila to remain afloat. My people we cannot beat them, and for our own good, let us join them. We joined them in 2002 and managed wonders. It was a great opportunity that led us to ascend to power but what did we do with the opportunity  – ‘we started crying the MOU way and disatisfied with the allocation of less powerful ministries. Before the 2008 coalition government was born, I understand Raila Odinga was taken for lunch at Sagana Lodge in Central Kenya and meated with “Nyama Choma” (grilled meat) and he fell asleep thereafter.

On waking up, he found he had signed on a list of weaker cabinet positions allocated to his party. What followed was a cry – ooh Kibaki, ooh nusu mkate (ooh half bread), ooh nusu carpet (ooh half carpet). Central Kenya is much ahead of us in Nyanza, a fact we cannot change, hence we need to kneel down and beg, accept to cooperate and wish they accept our plea. Tell me how many of our people have employedpeople from  Central Kenya. At the same time look at the many of our people on the payroll in businesses run by people from Central  Kenya and the Rift Valley. Our unawareness and Jealousness is killing us slowly as we sit and complain.

Even if Raila was to win now, he will manage nothing if not supported by the two groups – people of central and Rift Valley, and he will be forced to beg everytime he wants to achieve something for us in Nyanza.



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