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How to Succeed as a Freelancer

Posted by African Press International on February 18, 2013

  • By Ryan Rivera.

Whether you have just left a full time job or are opening up to the world of online jobs, freelancing could do you good. As stated in an article posted in (Boom Seen in Freelance Work Over the web), the online job market continues to grow in the face of economic crises and high unemployment rates. If you don’t want to risk taking a new position that could be dissolved faster than you can even warm up for the job, but don’t want to be without a source of income either, try looking for ways to make money online.

As more employers seek more cost-efficient means to get jobs done, online work is becoming one of the most preferred methods employed by a lot of companies today. Employers now see how effective seeking labor online could be – The Boom in Online Freelance Workers. If you set your rates right so as not to scrimp on quality and if you find the right platforms to get you that job, freelancing could work for you.

Once you have decided to try it, you might realize that this working environment will suit you better. Here, we share some ways you can get used to your online job, and how you can succeed in this industry.

  1. Commit yourself to your freelance jobs.

Just because you are now working from home doesn’t mean you should squander your time lazing around. Treat your freelance jobs as full-time jobs – follow a schedule, take breaks, don’t do more than you can in a day’s work. You could be prone to more distractions when you work from home, so you can also try to find a nice, quiet place to work, like a café. Make sure you get things done within an acceptable daily working period.

  1. Try to learn a lot about your new job.

If you’ve taken a job that was not really your intended career path, get to know how it works and see if you can pursue it. Find out if it suits you and if it can enhance your skills. Talk with clients about getting better at what you do, and look for sources that can help you improve. If you are intent on taking online jobs seriously, you might as well work hard for it.

  1. Be prepared for some ups and downs.

Freelancing could be seasonal. You might not easily find jobs that you are qualified for, so you might end up idle for weeks, even months. Sometimes, you have to juggle a handful of clients at a time just to meet your desired income. This is just how freelancing works, so get yourself ready. Prepare some money just in case you might be out of a project for a while, and learn how to manage your time better when handling a few clients at a time. Keep this in mind and use it to stop anxiety that you might feel when you start doubting if freelancing will work for you.

Freelancing might not be for everyone, but it can be perfect for you if you are determined to own it. Find the right rhythm, get some experience, and you can make it work for you.


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