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Kenya: Low enrollment in Youth Polytechnics

Posted by African Press International on March 21, 2013

  • By Maurice Alal, API-Kenya

Nyanza Provincial Youth Training Officer Mrs. Rosemary Otieno has decried the low enrollment of youths in vocational institution as compared to other regions across the country.

Mrs. Otieno said this has made many youths to lack enough technical skills that is required in today’s market thereby leading to high rate of unemployment in the region

She said this was majorly contributed by negative attitude among the youth who believe that one has to only attain university grade for him/her to get a job.

“It is high time that Nyanza people should stop depending fully on white collar jobs. This notion is one of the major factors of cases of unemployment,” Otieno stated.

She revealed that the government is currently paying Shs. 15,000 annually with parents required to pay Shs. 3,000 to enable those youths who failed to attained university grade to be equipped with technical skills.

“In regions like Central, youths are seriously going for various training in these youth polytechnics thereby making them marketable. These include even those who have attained university grades before joining their respective universities,” Mrs. Otieno said.

Mrs. Otieno however called upon the parents in Nyanza to encourage their children to go for these short courses to open doors to them by starting business activities to earn a living.
“We have 128 youth polytechnics that should be exploited fully by our children. The government has revised the curriculum to fit the market requirement,” she revealed.

Mrs. Otieno added that the courses being offered in these institutions enables the students to join university for further studies saying anybody who wants to fulfill his/her education can achieve when focused.

She further decried the low turn out of female attributing that to early marriages and pregnancies that discourage them to continue with education.

The officer also urged the government to employ more tutors to improve education in these institutions adding that currently there are few of them spread across the region.

However, currently there are 1,317students enrolled in various courses such as masonry, hairdressing and beauty therapy, electrical installation, welding, fashion design, agribusiness, food processing, leather work, information and technology, motor vehicles among others.



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