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Kenya: Shortage of Engineers might jeopardize Kenya’s Vision 2030, says PS

Posted by African Press International on May 9, 2013

  • By Maurice Alal, API Kenya Kenya Permanent Secretary speaks out Kenya Permanent Secretary speaks out

Kenya is faced with shortage of qualified engineers in various sectors that might jeopardize the success of Vision 2030, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industrialization Dr Cyrus Njiru has said.

Dr Njiru said some of the best engineers are exported to neighboring and international countries leading to brain drain in the sector making it difficult to undertake flagship project in Kenya.

Speaking during the Innovative Engineering Solutions for Industrialization of Counties conference held at Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu City, the PS said funding should be improved to promote engineering courses from certificate level to doctorate to meet the current demands.

He added that middle colleges should be revamped in the 47 Counties as this will increase the number of students enrolled in engineering courses.

“With counties in place focus now shift to the industrialization processes in these devolved units of governance to realize the objectives outlined in Vision 2030,” says the PS.

Dr Njiru revealed that for a quick industrialization to be achieved, promotion of innovative engineering, scientific and technological interventions as well as providing the country the vital technical human resource should be given a first priority.

He stated that industrial sector is a key driver for increasing economic growth rates, generation of sufficient employment opportunities and integrating an economy of Kenya into the global economy.

“Most developed countries and emerging economies have recorded rapid economic development through embracing industrialization,” Dr Njiru said.

The PS added that it is for this reason that the Vision 2030 aims at making Kenya a newly industrializing, “middle- income country providing high quality life for all citizens by the year 2030.

However, it is envisaged that by year 2030, approximately 30,000 engineers will be required facilitate the flagship projects in line with newly industrialized countries.

“For every engineer, 3 technologists are required and for every technologist, 4 technicians are required. For every technician, 5 craftsmen are required,” he explained.

This he said translates to a ratio of 1:75 for every engineer vis-à-vis support staff required as per the Vision.

The Chairman of Institute of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) Eng. James Ruingu said concern has been expressed by some employers over the quality of education and training of engineers in Kenyan universities.

Eng. Ruingu said adoption and continuous updating of high quality engineering syllabus should be embraced to produce highly qualified graduate engineers in various universities.




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