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Kenya: Thugs die in the hands of irate mob

Posted by African Press International on May 12, 2013

A gang of two suspected to be behind a spate of killings in Bungoma county on the 9th succumbed to its destiny in the hands of an irate mob.
Acting on a tip-off, traders at Chwele market in Bungoma central district surrounded a rental house alleged to be accommodating four men before they smoked out the thugs to nearby market where were stoned to death.
However, two suspects managed to calculate the perimeter of the crown and escaped the wrath of the mob baying for their blood. The said criminals are said to have been just killing, maiming, raping, cutting, inflicting and unveiling all manner of injuries on the old and the young, men and women and forcefully taking people’s property with abandon. The area outgoing police boss Amos Cheboi confirmed the drama and appealed to locals to report any suspicious characters to security agents and should desist from taking law into their hand.
Over 22 people are confirmed dead in three weeks time after unknown assailants raided Bungoma villages with unknown motive.
However,two platoons of General Service Unit (GSU) and Rapid Response Unit RDU officers have been deployed to Bungoma County to check on the increasing insecurity in the region
According Bungoma County C.E.O Kenneth Lusaka, the Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo and Internal Security Permanent Secretary Mutea Iringo assured him this morning that already the officers have been dispatched to Bungoma to assist in the hunt for criminals in the region.
Lusaka, regretted, that people in Bungoma County are currently traumatized to an extend of some not sleeping in their homes saying such deploring insecurity could make it difficult for the county government to implement promises pledged to the people during the concluded general elections.

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