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Norway: An immigrant man from East Africa kills ex-wife in Norway today morning

Posted by African Press International on June 5, 2013

The Norwegian police got a rude shock this morning around 9 am. A man said to be from East Africa took himself to the police station in Asker, a town  at the outskirts of Oslo City and told the police that he had just killed his ex-wife.

The couple had recently separated and were no longer living in the same house. The man went to the ex-wife’s house where he committed the crime. The two have two children but the two kids were not in the house at the time. Reports confirm that the children were in the nursery school nearby when the act was committed.

In the recent past, 6 murders of this nature has taken place in the country. It is reported that the couple had a tag of war on who should get custody of the children.

The Norwegian child welfare department has now taken the chidren for placement.

The man is now in police custody for questioning.


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