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Kenya: Piracy is a threat – inmates in prison raise alarm

Posted by African Press International on June 6, 2013


Inmates at the Naivasha Maximum Prison have expressed their fear that they are loosing thousands of shillings due to piracy.

According to them, they are not enjoying the benefits of their music after production as they are normally pirated in the backstreet market and sold.

They are now urging The Music Society of Kenya to protect their songs from piracy, saying they had rights to be protected and enjoy the benefits of their music.

The over two thousands inmates are now urging the relevant bodies to curb the vice so as to protect the local music industry.

Speaking to press separately Naivasha MP John Kihagi, urged the society to accept the inmates once they were through with their jail term as they had reformed.

He urged the employers to stop discriminating former prison inmates when conducting their recruitment exercises.

The MP said discrimination was one of the many reason that the ex-prisoners were committing back their crimes as were unable to cope with the current life.

Kihagi said most of the inmates had shown a lot of changes and other had learnt skills while at Prison and had been warded with certificates in various fields.

He said due to fear most employers do not recognize their certificates in fear of them attacking and robbing after employment.

He revealed that everyone was already aware that the Prison Department had started rehabilitation programmes for the inmates who were serving their jail terms.




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