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Kenya: A Paediatric Ward worth 16 Million constucted by the Australian nationals.

Posted by African Press International on July 17, 2013


A Paediatric Ward worth 16 Million has been constructed at the Bungoma District Hospital by the Australian nationals.

The complex is set to solve the problem of congestion at the Paediatric wing in the district a situation that was noticed by Australian Mark Rambo during his visit to Kenya in 2008.

The Hospital Superintendent Dr. Mulianga Ekesa revealed that the hospital that was built in 1952 had only one paediatric ward which serves a big population in Bungoma County.

Dr.Ekesa who is also the County Director of Health affirmed his believe in the Hospital’s development to greater heights in efficiency and effective delivery of health services to the residents.

“I am sure that the hospital will grow and develop to transfer of data of the patients but not transfer of patients themselves to other hospitals,” said Dr.Ekesa.

Bungoma County Governor Kenneth Lusaka appraised the Australian team led by Mr.Rambo for their utmost contribution that will foresee a guaranteed healthy population in the County.

Lusaka revealed the highest allocation of Sh.1 Billion in the County Budget to the health sector which he said was his major priority in his manifesto for Bungoma County.

“I am determined to see to it that Bungoma is turned into a healthy County which will trickle down to development of our people since a healthy nation is very important,” said Lusaka.

He revealed that some money will be used to complete projects that had been started in the health sector the Paediatric ward being one of them.

He further said that he is determined to ensure accessible health care closer to the people by putting up health centres in every ward of all the nine constituencies in the County.

Lusaka pledged that his County government will pay for the Value Added Tax on the construction materials in the ward that now stands halfway through until its completion.

However he regretted the challenges in the health sector among them understaffed facilities and unequipped hospitals which he vowed to look into in ensuring that the child mortality rate that is high in the County is solved.

“Bungoma District Hospital is a level 5 hospital and deserves to be equipped with necessary facilities and equipments to offer better health care for the people within and prevent the long distance travelled in search for the same,” said Lusaka.

He raised concern over the high wage bill in the hospital close to Sh.1.5 Million that he wanted to be looked into to see how best the same could culminate to better services to the people.

Rambo appraised the hospital management for the prudent utilization of funds to a visible project as he pledged to install solar-powered water pump in the Paediatric ward that will cater for the water shortages in the Hospital.

From a total of Sh.16, 201,408 contributed by Rambo, phase 1 of the project costing Sh. 13.15 Million.



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