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Kenya: Call for redoubled efforts to end cycle of violence in Moyale and neighbouring areas

Posted by African Press International on September 18, 2013

A non governmental organization has asked the government to move fast and end the bloodletting in northern Kenya.
International Center for POlicy and Conflict (ICPC) said the ongoing  violence and security crisis in Moyale and neighboring Counties is a significant test for Kenya government.
The violence  has so far claimed more than 10 lives and displaced many others.
The organization is now calling on Kenyan authorities to firmly tackle the underlying causes leading to repeated outbreaks of deadly violence in Moyale and neighboring areas.
In a press statement signed by Ndungu Wainaina, the NGO said the government of Kenya has not only failed to protect vulnerable groups, but has created a dangerous culture of impunity that fuels endemic human rights violations.
”All concerned should redouble their efforts to put an immediate end to the cycle of violence, which is putting thousands of lives at risk and threatening the social stability of the whole area”, read the press statement.
It further suggested that ethnic hatred must not be allowed to keep fomenting in Kenya. ”We urged the Government of Kenya to take all the legal appropriate measures to immediately stop the ethnic violence, to protect the victims, and to avoid the repetition of such killings in the future”. it asserted.
ICPC pointed out that in the absence of a principled, determined and robust response from the government of Kenya, manifested in strong enforcement of law, communities will feel that they can vent their frustrations and inter-communal hostilities with impunity.
Equally, those who incite such violence will feel empowered to continue doing so, in the knowledge that they will face no consequences from the state.
The security forces also must act within the law, and they must be even-handed in their treatment when responding to outbreaks of violence in the affected area, the statement read.
 ICPC also in its statement  called on the Government to bring the full force of the law to bear against those responsible for inciting violence.

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